Saturday, March 10, 2012

You Know You are a Reader When....

My friend Kirti and I were walking past a second hand/ pirated book vendor today when we both slowed down as if on auto-mode and lost track of our conversation. My statement to her about this after that gave me the idea for this one...

So you know you are a reader when:

1. You'd rather buy the book than the new pair of shoes/ clothes

2. You make plans to hang out at bookshops with friends

3. Non-book lover friends have to pry you out of the said bookshop to continue with the rest of those plans

4. You always have a pile of books in your bookshelf still to be read

5. You always have a list of books to read!

6. You always have a book in your bag (and hence always need a big bag and wallets just won't do!)

7. The order of priority of your basic needs is:good  book,  mediocre book, any book!, sleep,  sex etc......

8. Your facebook wall pictures look like this

9. You want your world to be a little bit like that of your favourite book.

10. You relate to lists like this one!


  1. Oh I should add to this- your birthday gifts (or any other gifts) have books in them...

  2. Brilliant post, Dishy! :) Absolutely loved this one! :D Needless to say, can identify with every single one. Err. Except 7. Food still tops the list. :P

  3. You know you're a reader when you don't mind burrying your nose in a book when sandwiched between people on the rush hour local, oblivious to the world.